How can I build cartilage in my knee naturally?

Perhaps the most common question that gets asked on our Instaflex review is “how can I build knee cartilage naturally?”.

Cartilage is a very important connective tissue. It is an elastic tissue which covers the ends of all of your large bones at the joints, effectively keeping your bones from rubbing against one another. It is also a structural component of various body parts, including your rib cage, nose, and parts of your spine.

Anyone who has ever had a problem with cartilage being worn away knows how important it is; a loss of cartilage at any joint can lead to excruciating pain and severely reduced mobility.

That’s why questions about building or rebuilding cartilage are so common – people with worn away cartilage will do anything to promote its regrowth.

So is it possible to build new cartilage?

How do you protect your cartilage from damage? 

Can you promote the regrowth of cartilage at damaged joints?

Let’s find out!


Building new cartilage

The body cannot easily rebuild cartilage. It is just not a process that the human body is capable of; for most people, severe cartilage damage is a lifelong sentence.

That said, it is certainly possible to assuage some of the worst effects of damaged cartilage.

It is also perfectly possible to protect your cartilage and your overall joint health through targeted nutritional interventions and lifestyle changes.

Here are some of the most effective ways to protect cartilage and promote healthy joint function over the long-term:

  1. Consume anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric and olive oil
  2. Take natural supplements known to protect joints from degradation, such as Boswellia serrata
  3. Avoid high impact activity like jujitsu or bodybuilding
  4.  Stretch regularly
  5. Avoid pro-inflammatory substances (e.g. pollutants, alcohol, etc)
  6. Try to limit stress
  7. Get as much high quality sleep as possible

Follow these steps and you hopefully wont need to worry about building cartilage at your knee.

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