Are nootropics addictive?

A common question we get asked on our Mind Lab Pro review is if nootropics are addictive. This is easily one of the most frequently asked questions on nootropics forums, and it is probably one of the most common questions that nootropic manufacturers receive from potential customers.

So, we’re going to examine this question in a little more detail.

Are nooropics addictive?

Can any nootropics be said to be addictive?

What about natural brain supplements? Are they addictive?

Let’s look at some examples of different nootropics and see if any of them can be said to be addictive.


Nootropics & addiction

Are any nootropics addictive?

That very much depends on what you class as a “nootropic”.

There are some pharmaceutical-grade drugs which are often referred to as nootropics. These include Adderall, Modafinil, and Aniracetam.

Now, as you can imagine, things like Adderall can become quite addictive (what with it being a blend of amphetamine salts). People who use Adderall on a regular basis do find that they feel a little “off baseline” when they’re not taking it. They feel the need to constantly be “dosed up”, or else they start to feel sluggish, tired, and distracted.

This is true even if people aren’t taking Adderall to treat a condition like ADHD (recreational Adderall use is actually extremely common). We routinely see people saying that Adderall eventually became something they couldn’t work, study, or even socialise without!

So in a sense, yes nootropics can be addictive.

However, as we said, this depends on what you class as a nootropic.

The original use of the word “nootropic” excluded anything that could cause long-term neurological harm or serious side effects. Under that definition, substances like Adderall would be very much out!

So what about natural nootropics?


Are natural nootropics addictive?

Natural nootropics are usually designed to be a safer, less side effect-prone version of artificial, pharmaceutical-grade study drugs.

As such, they do not typically come with the same adverse effects.

A good quality natural nootropic will not come with the same side effect risks as a synthetic study drug.

A high quality natural nootropic supplement will also be very unlikely to cause addiction.

The best brain supplements on sale today generally don’t have enough of a “punch” to get you addicted. They should be low in stimulants, and their effects should really be more subtle and long term than pronounced and immediate.

As such, natural nootropics are not normally addictive in any way.

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