Are nootropics safe?

A common comment we see left on Mind Lab Pro reviews is “are nootropics safe?” – this makes perfect sense, as safety is usually the top priority for intelligent consumers, particularly given the many supplement scams that have come to light over the last few years.

On top of that, there is the problem created by the synthetic brain drugs. Because substances like Adderall and Modafinil are known to cause quite severe side effects, people sometimes assume that all nootropics can cause similar side effects or long term health problems.

But this isn’t the case.

Natural nootropic supplements are nothing like synthetic brain drugs. Most natural brain supplements are purposefully designed to offer a safer, side effect-free alternative to pharmceutical-grade nootropics.

So just how safe are nootropics? Are they dangerous? Will they cause side effects? What are the main safety concerns? Let’s find out!


Are natural nootropics dangerous?

The best natural nootropic supplements on sale today are generally very safe. Users are highly unlikely to experience any side effects at all while using the kind of natural nootropics that we write about on this site.

The reason for this is simple; the leading nootropic supplements today use herbal extracts, naturally-derived concentrates, amino acids, and other substances found in nature to deliver their benefits.

So while you’re using the best nootropics, you’re consuming substances that you could theoretically consume in your regular diet anyway. The idea is just that they have been concentrated, their useful components extracted and amplified, and stacked carefully with other ingredients so as to pack the biggest punch.

So are nootropics safe?

Obviously this depends on the brain supplement in question.

Some nootropics on sale right now are far from safe. They contain synthetic stimulants, far too much caffeine, and dangerous psychoactives. Many manufacturers – cynical manufacturers – rely on making people feel like they’re more focused by plying them with drugs.

However, if you’re talking genuinely high quality natural nootropics, then yes nootropics are safe for the vast majority of people.

You still need to talk to a qualified health professional before using any brain supplements. Do your research carefully. Whether or not  focus supplement is safe depends on the formula in question.

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