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Model-Driven Health

Project Created: 06/11/2009

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David Carlson
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Sean Muir
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Project Examples

Interested in learning more? Check out example projects that illustrate various aspects of MDHT.

CONNECT Adapter Component XDR Example consists of the code for an Adapter Component XDR web service that can be used within CONNECT which illustrates how MDHT artifacts can be used to process XDR messages containing a CDA based payload.

DIRECT Example shows how MDHT can be used within an email client that is sending email through DIRECT.

MDHT Release 1.2 Now Available!

Please voice your opinions and provide feedback on the MDHT tool by responding to the following survey:

Welcome to Model-Driven Health Tools (MDHT)

Open Health Tools Model-Driven Health Tools (MDHT) Project is a wide-ranging open source effort to promote interoperability in healthcare infrastructure. It promotes shared artifacts between related healthcare standards and standards development organizations, and works to develop localized specifications. It also delivers a common modeling framework and tools that support seamless integration of design, publication, and runtime artifact creation.

MDHT Overview

MDHT allows the creation of computable models of the CDA templates in UML. These models may be be used to produce:

  • Template Specifications (DITA, XHTML, PDF, Other)
  • Conformance/Validation Tools
  • Model Driven Code Generation
  • Schematron (work in progress)

The project has already built models from the following specifications:

  • HL7 Continuity of Care Document
  • HITSP C83 Sections and Entries
  • IHE Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework
  • HL7 Common Document Types
  • HL7 Consolidated CDA (DSTU Dec 2011)
  • HL7 CDA IG : Public Health Case Reports (US Realm)
  • HL7 CDA IG : Personal Healthcare Monitoring Report (PHMR)

How can I get involved?

Subscribe to and participate in the Developer Discussion, submit bug reports or enhancement requests in the Issue Tracker, and become part of the open source team. Contributions of new components or enhancements are welcome (and require source code contribution forms). Based on your involvement, contributions, and demonstrated knowledge, you may be nominated and elected as a new committer to this project. All committers must follow the Open Health Tools Development Policy and Process , which requires a number of agreements, guidelines and forms for Committers and Contributors.

Additional Resources and Libraries

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Additional technical resources for Eclipse, UML and EMF can be found under Eclipse, UML and EMF Resources. Other resources include Guides and Tutorials, supplemental Documents, and MDHT Releases and Downloads.