Are probiotics worth it?

The best probiotic for men is only worth buying if it provides good value for money. By that we mean something can work perfectly well, but you shouldn’t necessarily buy it if you can get the same benefits elsewhere for the same or less money.

So, do probiotics represent good value for money?

Can you get the same benefits as a probiotic for less money?

Or in other words, are probiotics worth it?

Let’s find out!


Probiotics vs food

To find out if probiotics are worth the money, we should compare probiotic supplements to the cheapest source of probiotics on the plant; food.

Fermented and cured foods is where we typically consume probiotics. You’re probably familiar with probiotic foods already: yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and so on.

Basically, a probiotic is a live bacteria culture which aids digestion. So any food with live bacteria cultures which aid digestion is a probiotic too.

Generally speaking, probiotic foods are very effective at improving digestion. Consuming probiotic foods on a regular basis will greatly improve nutrient absorption, reduce bloating, prevent cramps, and promote good, healthy bowel movements.

Studies have also shown that eating probiotic foods on a regular basis can also improve a wide range of measures of health and performance, from cognitive function to immune system function. This is obviously because your gut microbiome is intimately linked to your overall health and performance.

So how much better are probiotic supplements?


Are probiotics worth the money?

In our opinion, probiotics are not worth the money.

We have never come across a probiotic that delivers significantly more benefits in terms of digestive health than you can get by simply consuming more probiotic foods.

When you think about it, probiotic supplements are just a combination of bacteria found in probiotic foods. The only difference between the two is that probiotic foods don’t cost upwards of $50 a bottle!

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