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tracker1040 : Issue tracker Summary
Name: Issue tracker
Description: This tracker contains issues which have been migrated from the Issue tracker of CEE project
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P1: 0
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P3: 17
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P5: 5
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Open: 33
Closed: 187

Issue tracker    (33 Items)
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2artf2782 : CP 376Anthony LaRoccaSarah KnoopNEW  
2artf3499 : null namespaceid for V3 patient info causes NPE during mergeAnthony LaRoccaJesse PangburnRESOLVED  
3artf2261 : [Issue 101] - NA2010 Registry PixFeed doesn't support V3Anthony LaRoccaAnthony LaRoccaRESOLVED  
5artf2207 : [Issue 47] - Specify Bridge Timeout ValuesAnthony LaRoccaJason CountrymanNEW  
2artf3756 : outbound messages do not have mustUnderstand = 1Jesse PangburnSarah KnoopRESOLVED  
3artf3652 : artf3651 : CP-622 -- patchJesse PangburnDmytro RudRESOLVED  
3artf3698 : Atna auditing not thread safe.Jesse PangburnDonRESOLVED  
3artf3651 : CP-622Jesse PangburnChristian OhrRESOLVED  
3artf3264 : SecurityContextFactory: classloader leakJesse PangburnChristian OhrRESOLVED  
3artf2607 : XUA STS over SOAP 1.2Jesse PangburnArnout EngelenRESOLVED  
4artf3417 : CP 587Jesse PangburnSarah KnoopNEW  
4artf2598 : XUA STS: include a timestamp in the SOAP headerJesse PangburnArnout EngelenNEW  
3artf2265 : [Issue 105] - NA2010 - ATNA using http:// anon for audit parmeterSarah KnoopSarah KnoopNEW  
3artf2267 : [Issue 107] - NA2010 - XDS asynch endpoint configSarah KnoopSarah KnoopNEW  
3artf2268 : [Issue 108] - NA2010 - XDS asynch with TLSSarah KnoopSarah KnoopNEW  
3artf2271 : [Issue 111] - Add a configuration option to enable/disable XUA per transaction from the bridgeSarah KnoopRobert CruzNEW  
3artf2272 : [Issue 112] - Create an XUA properties subset for rhioConfigSarah KnoopRobert CruzNEW  
3artf3732 : TelecomAddressType in Bride APISarah KnoopSarah KnoopNEW  
4artf2273 : [Issue 113] - Supply document and metadata seperatelySarah KnoopArnout EngelenSTARTED  
4artf3129 : CDA legalAuthenticator element not handledSarah KnoopJason CountrymanNEW  
4artf3740 : CP 659 - support new referenceIdList slotSarah KnoopJesse PangburnNEW  
4artf3130 : OHT unable to interprete mustunderstand.Sarah KnoopSaswata GhoseNEW  
4artf2529 : xsi namespace prefixes other than "xsi" located inside the XML document cause EMF parsing trouble with V3Sarah KnoopJesse PangburnNEW  
5artf2197 : [Issue 37] - Adapt metadata extract to new SVS complianceSarah KnoopSondra RenlySTARTED  
5artf2247 : [Issue 87] - Time-out for IHE Plugin XDS.b synchronous transactionsSarah KnoopShalini PandeyNEW  
5artf2671 : Have bridge log pull version from Manifest file rather than properties file.Sarah KnoopSarah KnoopSTARTED  
3artf2285 : [Issue 125] - PIX Consumer: cp validation check growing when old instance of PIXConsumer usedSondra RenlySondra RenlyRESOLVED  
3artf3733 : CP 570Sondra RenlySarah KnoopNEW  
3artf3356 : Need ATNA Audit support for ITI-51: Multi-Patient Stored Query RequestSondra RenlyMichael OttatiRESOLVED  
3artf2550 : PDQ Consumer/Query Problem with umlauteSondra RenlyChristian SeiringerRESOLVED  
3artf3741 : PID-5-7 needed to be set to "L"Sondra RenlyJesse PangburnRESOLVED  
4artf3743 : Reference NIST Test ServerSondra RenlySondra RenlyNEW  
5artf2600 : Retrieve Multiple Value Sets (SVS Profile Addition)Sondra RenlySondra RenlySTARTED