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PIX Manager and PDQ
Supplier of the IHE PIX/
PDQ profiles

Project Created: 03/29/2009

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Total Project Members: 1
Project Administrators:
Prashanth Chandra M

Welcome to OpenExchange - OpenPIXPDQ

About OpenExchange

OpenExchange platform provides standards based core infrastructure to exchange patient health information in a secure and timely manner, to advance the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery. The platform is a critical element of HIE infrastructure that provides clinicians and other members of the healthcare community with the right information at the right time by making patient information available across organizational boundaries. It facilitates and streamlines the sharing of patient information throughout an HIE community. 

OpenExchange consists of open source projects that use Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) profiles as the set of fundamental requirements. IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) is an initiative by healthcare professionals and industry to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information. IHE promotes the coordinated use of established standards such as DICOM and HL7 to address specific clinical needs in support of optimal patient care. Systems developed in accordance with IHE standards are better able to communicate with one another and empower care providers to use information more effectively. Please refer to the IHE site ( ) for more details.

The core set of sub-projects under OpenExchange include

  • OpenPIXPDQ - which implements the Patient Identifier Cross-reference (PIX) Manager and Patient Demographics Query (PDQ) Supplier actors.
  • OpenXDS -  which implements the Cross-Document Sharing (XDS) Registry and Repository actors, as well as the Cross Community Access (XCA) Responding Gateway and Initiating Gateway actors.
  • OpenATNA - which implements an Audit Record Repository of the IHE Audit Trail Node Authentication (ATNA) profile.
  • OpenDSUB - which implements the IHE Document Metadata Subscription profile.

OpenExchange and its sub-projects are the Open Health Tools Charter projects monitored by the Open Health Tools Board.


OpenExchange and all its sub-projects are released under the Apache Version 2 LicenseThird-party libraries are distributed under the terms and conditions of their respective licenses.

About OpenPIXPDQ


One of the core components of IHE IT infrastructure is PIX (Patient Identifier Cross-referencing). The PIX integration profile enables the cross referencing of patient identifiers from multiple patient identifier domains by:

  • 1. Transmitting patient identity information from an identity source to the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager.
  • 2. Providing the ability to access the list(s) of cross-referenced patient identifiers either via a query/response or via an update notification.

Please refer to Patient Identifier Cross Referencing on the IHE wiki for more details. 


The PDQ (Patient Demographics Query) integration profile lets applications query a central patient information server in order to retrieve patient demographics and encounter information. Please refer to Patient Demographics Query on the IHE wiki for more details. 

This project depicts the components that are being developed for the server side implementation of PIX/PDQ, focusing on the PIX Manager and PD Supplier actors. Currently IHE supports both HL7 2.x standards and HL7 v3.0 standards for PIX/PDQ manager. In the present release, HL7 v2.x transactions are supported, and HL7 v3.0 support will be added in future release.

OpenPIXPDQ implements 4 server side transactions associated with IHE’s PIX/PDQ integration profile.

  • PIX Feed
    • This transaction communicates patient information, including the corroboration of demographics data, after a patient’s identity is established, modified, merged – after the key corroborating demographic data has been modified.
  • PIX Query
    • This transaction involves a request by the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Consumer Actor for a list of patient identifiers that correspond to a patient identifier known by the consumer.
  • PIX update notification
    • This transaction involves the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager Actor providing notification of updates to Patient Identifier Cross-reference Associations to Patient Identifier Cross-reference Consumers that have registered their interest in receiving such notifications.
  • PDQ query
    • This transaction involves a request by the Patient Demographics Consumer actor for information about patients, whose demographics match with data provided in the query message.

The PIX Manager and PDQ Supplier have an underlying eMPI that accesses patient matching algorithms and a patient data manipulation API for adding/updating/merging patients. The OpenPIXPDQ architecture has a pluggable eMPI underneath and clients have flexibility to use any other eMPI as well.

The current eMPI used by OpenPIXPDQ is from OpenEMPI v2 on Project Kenai.

OpenPIXPDQ is mainly developed by Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS) . Other contributors include Sysnet International and a number of individuals.

Getting Involved


On the top of this page are a list of links you can leverage to interact with this project. Use Tracker to submit defects or feature requests, Source Code  to download the source code from subversion,Discussions to submit your questions and feedback, and  File Releases to download the binary distributable. The left side of this Project Home page provides the documentation links such as Architecture,Documentation and Message Samples that can help you get started. Click the Join this Project button on the left to become a project member.


We warmly welcome any types of contributions to this community ranging from a small one like reporting a defect to a significant one like leading a project. If you are interested in making a contribution, you can always find a role that you can play with. Please see the Getting Involved page for more details.   


OpenPIXPDQ - Connectathon


At the 2010 Connectathon North America in Chicago, IL. From Jan 11-15. OpenPIXPDQ was tested and passed 59 tests across two domains (IHE and US HITSP) for 4 profiles (PIX, PDQ, ATNA, CT).

OpenPIXPDQ was plugged with commercial eMPI, MatchMetrix from NextGate and demonstrated at Connectathon. See Announcements for more details.


The OpenPIXPDQ successfully completed testing at the 2009 North American Connectathon in Chicago, IL February 23-27. The project had 45 verified tests across two domains (IHE and US HITSP) for 4 profiles (PIX, PDQ, ATNA, CT). Additionally, OpenPIXPDQ server was used by 16 vendor systems at this event.

Key Metrics:

Total no.of tests passed – 45 (includes both IHE and HISTP profiles)

IHE Profiles passed: PIX, PDQ, ATNA and CT

HITSP profiles passed T15, T16, T17, TP22, T23


OpenPIXPDQ IHE Inetgration Statement for Connectathon-2009


Where can I learn more?



The Resources for OpenPIXPDQ.

Project News
OpenPIXPDQ Successfully Tested with MatchMetrix at Connecxtathon NA 2010.
At the 2010 Connectathon North America in Chicago last week, OpenPIXPDQ was tested and passed these IHE profiles and actors:

PIX: PIX Manager

PDQ: PDQ Supplier

ATNA: Audit Log Source

CT: Consistent Time Client

In the meanwhile, all the corresponding HITSP profiles were also passed.

There were 100 over vendors and 152 systems participated in this weeklong event. OpenPIXPDQ was successfully tested with the following 25 companies:
Agfa, Alert, Allscripts, ATHENA, AXSYS, CAREEVOLUTION, CSH, CPSI, GE, Greenway, HMS, IBM, McKesson, Medquist, METAVANTE, MIE, Nextgen, OHT, Patient Keeper, PICIS, Sage, SIS, Spirit, SUN, SWPARTNERS

At this year’s Connectathon, a commercial eMPI (MatchMetrix from NextGate) was plugged into OpenPIXPDQ, which demonstrated that different eMPIs can be adapted and worked with OpenPIXPDQ seamlessly. However, OpenEMPI will still be our primary open source eMPI solution. Event Date: 2010-01-18 14:46:30
wenzhi - 01/18/2010 2:46 PM PST

OpenPIXPDQ 1.0 Released
The OpenPIXPDQ project has been successfully migrated to OHT from SourceForge. Moving forward, please use to participate in the development, bug reporting, feature functionality and forum discussions, etc. Event Date: 2009-04-02 08:29:58
wenzhi - 04/10/2009 8:29 AM PDT
OpenPIXPDQ Successfully Tested at 2009 Connectathon NA.
The OpenPIXPDQ project successfully completed testing at the 2009 North American Connectathon in Chicago, IL February 23-27. The project had 45 verified tests that includes Patient Identifier Cross-referencing Manager, Patient Demographics Supplier, ATNA Secure Application and Consistent Time profiles or actors. About 16 vendors successfully tested against OpenPIXPDQ during Connectathon. Event Date: 2009-03-01 07:28:35
wenzhi - 04/10/2009 8:28 AM PDT
Message from the project administrators
Version 1.1 of OpenPIXPDQ, a subproject of OpenExchange, was released in early March 2010
administrator - 03/29/2009 9:56 PM PDT