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Project Created: 09/13/2010

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Overview of the Application Integration Platform(AIP)

The Application Integration Platform (AIP) comprises the NexJ Express platform. NexJ Express is a complete and robust open source platform that allows health care organizations and other interested parties to deliver model-driven, enterprise-grade applications that are interoperable and people-centred.

Developed in close consultation with Open Health Tools, NexJ Express is based on the 10th generation of the NexJ Application Framework, a commercial platform for deploying people-centered enterprise solutions. It is a services oriented architecture-based (SOA), model-driven platform that is expressly designed for building highly scalable solutions that are easy to customize and integrate with other systems.

NexJ Express is a platform that is comprised of:

NexJ Studio Express
A graphical modeling tool for configuring applications.

NexJ Model Server Express
An adapter-based server that executes models created in NexJ Studio Express and manages all the technical complexities associated with executing enterprise applications (e.g., audit, security, authentication, scalability, logging, etc.)

AIP Solution Models
Various health-related solutions models.  The models are designed within NexJ Studio Express and executed in NexJ Model Server Express.


Project Mission

OHT AIP aims to leverage the expertise and capabilities of other OHT projects to develop a comprehensive Health Information Exchange. OHT AIP can play multiple roles in such a system. Its primary purpose is to integrate disperate systems, sending and receiving messages in a variety of formats (HL7, XML, CSV, Fixed Length and others) through a variety of channel types (TCP, HTTP, MLLP, UDP, FTP, File, and others). Received messages may be transformed to other formats and information can be collected, aggregated and persisted.

The model-driven engineering approach of NexJ Studio Express allows system developers and designers to focus on functional system design. The model-execution approach of NexJ Model Server Express drastically reduces the technical challenges of running such an integrated solution. NexJ Model Server Express uses configurable adapters that provide a cononical approach to working with disperate environments and technologies.

NexJ Model Server Express is open sourced under the Eclipse Public License (EPL v1.0). New adapters will be developed for projects needing channel types, message formats or other system components not currently available in the already rich collection of capabilities.



With this open source development project, you can:
Develop and Deploy Application Integration Solutions with NexJ Express
Model solutions and run them within NexJ Express. To do this, developers must install NexJ Studio Express to develop models and to configure runtime environments. Developers will deploy those models to NexJ Model Server Express. Both NexJ Studio Express and NexJ Model Server Express are available as precompiled downloads.

To get started, see the document Introduction To NexJ Studio Express in the Documents section of the AIP project site.

Inspect, Build and Enhance the NexJ Model Server Express Source Code
To learn about the internal workings of NexJ Model Server Express and/or enhance its functionality (for example, by creating a new database adapter or integration channel type). Developers must download the NexJ Model Server Express source code, install required development tools and libraries, and manually compile the software.

To get started, see the document Working with NexJ Express Source Code in the Documents section of the AIP project site.


How can I get involved?

  • Download the software and do the tutorials as outlined in the document Introduction To NexJ Studio Express.
  • Subscribe to the Modelers discussions forum. Post a message introducing yourself.
  • Begin modeling and testing an application integration solution.  Consult the document Introduction To NexJ Studio Express.
  • If you are interested in enhancing the platform's existing capabilities, read the document Working with NexJ Express Source Code.
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