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wiki1137: GettingInvolved

Getting Involved#

Any registered OHT user can access the downloads and source code in our projects. Likewise, you don't need to be a member of the projects to participate in discussions or open tracker issues.
If you want to get more involved, you can join the projects, work on documentation and bugs and advance to becoming a code contributor. The different roles in all of our projects are:

  • Charter Contributor: Someone who can edit content and be assigned issues.
  • Committer: A member with source code commit privileges.
  • Project Lead: With comprehensive privileges to lead the project.
Based on your involvement, contributions, and demonstrated knowledge, you may be nominated and elected as a new committer to this project. All committers must follow the Open Health Tools Development Policy and Process , which requires a number of agreements, guidelines and forms for Committers and Contributors. Check ProjectRoles for more information.

Contributions that you can make:#

Contribute quality: help to make a better project, better looking and with new features

  • Submit bug reports
  • Suggest new features and options
  • Suggest ways to improve the framework
  • Correct spelling and grammar mistakes in documentation
  • Help maintain the web site

Contribute documentation: help to make documentation better

  • Help write good and clear documentation
  • Read existing documentation, follow the examples, and make corrections
  • Create diagrams, screen-shots, and graphics for documentation
  • Develop spelling and grammar style conventions for documenters
  • Build a glossary of technical terms, so non geek people can understand

Contribute support: help other users use the project

  • Answer questions on the discussion forums
  • Help other people learn how to use the program or programming library
  • Write HOWTOS and post them in related forums or your own blog

Contribute code: help to improve the project code

  • Fix project defects from the issue tracker and submit patches
  • Write Junit tests and test the project
  • Contribute new IHE profile implementation
  • Contribute new components or enhancements
  • Implement tasks from the task list
  • Suggest good architecture and design

To request a project role, join one or more of the following projects. The ProjectRoles page describes all the roles applicable to our projects.

  • Join OpenExchange if you are interested in overall IHE based HIE solutions
  • Join OpenPIXPDQ if you are interested in PIX Manager and PDQ Supplier
  • Join OpenXDS if you are interested in XDS Registry and Repository
  • Join OpenATNA if you are interested in Audit Record Repository
  • Join OpenDSUB if you are interested in Document Metadata Subscription and Notification

To subscribe to and participate in the user/developer discussion forums:
Submit your questions and suggestions to one of the discussion forums.

To report a defect or request a new feature to the issue trackers

To view and/or perform a task from the task list:
You can suggest a new task, or implement any tasks of your interest, and make a contribution to our community.